Nearly 15 years ago, PathAdvantage published The Bug Book, a comprehensive resource covering vaginal health conditions, causative organisms, diagnoses and related treatments. The book answered a need for an accurate, up-to-date and easy-to-use reference for medical professionals who frequently treat common presentations of different organisms and conditions. 

For the physicians of PathAdvantage, publishing The Bug Book came from a larger ethical obligation. “We are physicians and pathologists,” says Dr. Alexandra Gillespie, Founder and Medical Director of PathAdvantage. “And we want the patients treated properly.” 

The book itself covers nine categories of conditions from aerobic vaginitis to urinary tract infections and 35 causative organisms that are tested for at PathAdvantage. Containing detailed information such as common presentations, complicating factors and when specific treatments are indicated, The Bug Book has become a popular reference for physicians, nurses and more. 

“What makes The Bug Book so useful is accuracy and ease,” says Dr. Gillespie. “It’s easy to have the most up-to-date treatment right in your face, and not have to look it up.” 

The print edition of The Bug Book is updated every two years with addendums printed as indicated; while the digital version, available as an app for Android and iPhone users, is updated as needed. “We’re always mindful of the evolution of treatment regimens,” says Dr. Richard Hopley, Associate Medical Director and Director of Clinical Pathology at PathAdvantage,  “We are constantly surveilling new information about resistance and new antibiotic treatments.” These updates consider not only advances in research and literature, but also feedback from clinicians. This keeps The Bug Book accurate, current and applicable in real world situations.

In a world where reference books and information are so easy to come by, The Bug Book has continued to serve an important need while filling a very specific niche. “It’s clearly focused on women’s vaginal health,” says Dr. Gillespie. “The subject matter is very specialized. Treating infections is not simple and has quite a few nuances to it. There’s quite a few treatments for different organisms.” 

The book itself is useful for anyone working in women’s health, but provides particular insight for those whose patients suffer from stubborn or recurrent infections or failed treatments. 

“I rely on the PathAdvantage Bug Book for the most up-to-date treatment for my patients who struggle with chronic vaginitis and sexually transmitted infections,” says. Ruth Whiddon N.P. at Centennial OB/GYN in Frisco, Texas. “The Bug Book is always at my fingertips both on the app and hard copy book format. A huge benefit to my practice and the care I provide to my patients!”

For the doctors of PathAdvantage, The Bug Book represents a continuation of the team’s lifelong commitment to improving the lives of women. 

“We’re most proud of our contribution to women’s health with this book that is well-focused while being so easy to use and accurate,” says Dr. Gillespie.  

You can purchase the Bug Book in print and app format here.