EMR Interface

PathAdvantage provides an interface for any EMR platform your practice may use. This allows your staff to build electronic requisitions directly from your EMR system and allows PathAdvantage to transmit HL7 format results directly back to your patient’s chart.

Demographics Bridge

If your practice does not require an EMR interface, but would like a more efficient process than manual paper requisitions, PathAdvantage can help. We will bridge to any Practice Management System to electronically receive requisitions populated with patient demographic and insurance information.

Results Delivery

We delver results based on your practice’s preference: log on to access results any time, anywhere through our secure web-based portal or have your patient’s results delivered automatically into their charts via your preferred EMR platform. Or we can have results transmitted to a printer in your office automatically throughout the day, faxed to your practice, or hand-delivered by one of our couriers.