Our team at PathAdvantage is excited to announce the launch of a new service, developed to assist clinicians to best serve their patients. Introducing an at-home vaginal test kit called MyPathAdvantage.

New At-Home Vaginal Health Test Option for Patients

MyPathAdvantage is designed with telehealth visits in mind, offering an in-depth vaginal health diagnostic test so that you can treat patients that have yeast, BV, and/or sexually transmitted infections. This test will provide you and your patient a diagnosis for the presence of pathogenic as well as beneficial microorganisms.

Get the diagnostic data you need quickly and efficiently with the same PathAdvantage service you’ve come to rely upon. Here’s how it works:

How Our Vaginal Microbiome Testing Kit Works

  1. Your office sends PathAdvantage a test requisition in the same manner it is usually sent.
  2. Simply send us the printed requisition in a specimen bag and write “My PA.”
  3. Once received at PathAdvantage, a microbiome test kit will be sent to your patient’s home address.
  4. Patients register their unique testing kit on the MyPathAdvantage website.
  5. Patients collect their sample from the privacy of their home and then send that sample to PathAdvantage in the pre-paid mailing bag provided.
  6. Tests are then analyzed by our team of pathologists.
  7. Your patient’s vaginal health test results are delivered to you per the usual process within 48 hours of PathAdvantage receiving the specimen.

Why Offer MyPathAdvantage? Benefits For Clinicians (And Their Patients)

  • Save time while increasing your number of patients
  • Monitor patients’ progress over the long term 
  • Get diagnostic data on patients without in-person visits
  • Engage new clinician-avoidant patients with an at-home option 
  • Receive higher follow up rates from low-compliance patients
  • Ability to prescribe the appropriate antibiotic for your patient

Here’s What the MyPathAdvantage Vaginal Health Test covers:

  • Vaginosis Screening Panel
  • Non-STI Vaginosis Screening Panel
  • Custom STI Screening Panel
  • Custom Candida Panel
  • Custom Bacterial Panel
  • Ulcer Panel
  • Aerobic Vaginitis Panel 
  • Inflammation Panel

Interested in offering our new vaginal health test to your patients? Contact mypasupport@pathadvantage.com or call us 214-219-5880 to order your tests today or to find out more. More information available at MyPathAdvantage.com.