COVID-19 Spike Protein Antibody Test FAQ for Patients

  1. How long will it take to get test results?
    The test takes 24-48 hours to process. If your doctor ordered the test, they will let you know your result. If you ordered this test for yourself, you may check your results on: and enter Gillespie as the physician last name when prompted.
  2. What does it mean if I am positive for COVID-19 antibodies?
    A POSITIVE test means that COVID-19 IgG spike protein antibodies were detected, which indicates exposure to either the COVID-19 virus or one of the COVID vaccinations. This may mean a current infection, a previous COVID-19 infection, or an immune response to one of the COVID vaccinations.

    Please note that this is NOT a test for the COVID-19 virus. Testing for the virus itself is usually performed using a nasal/nasopharyngeal swab and a specialized molecular test, looking for the viral RNA. This antibody test is a blood test, looking for ANTIBODIES to the COVID-19 spike protein which means the body produced an immune response after exposure to the COVID-19 virus or vaccination.

  3. If I am positive, do I have immunity to COVID-19?
    There are currently no studies regarding these antibodies and definite, long-term immunity for COVID-19, as this virus is still so new. However, measurements of antibodies in the blood of people who have survived other, similar infections (SARS or MERS) suggest that defense against these viruses persist for some time: two years for SARS and almost three years for MERS. It is hoped that similar patterns will emerge regarding COVID-19.
  4. What does it mean if I am negative for COVID-19 antibodies?
    A negative test result means that the antibodies to the COVID-19 vaccination or virus were not found in your blood sample.

    A negative result may also occur if you are tested too early after COVID-19 virus or vaccination exposure and your body has not had time to produce antibodies. This test is most sensitive when patients were tested 14 days (or more) after they first showed COVID-like symptoms. Elderly and immunocompromised patients may take longer or may even not make detectable levels of antibodies.

  5. If I am negative for COVID-19 antibodies should I be retested and if so, when?
    There are no formal recommendations on when retesting should occur, however, a reasonable time period of 3-4 months could be considered. However, if any COVID-like symptoms are noted, testing should be repeated 14 days (or more) after the appearance of the first warning signs (i.e. fever, body-aches, cold/flu like symptoms or dry cough.)
  6. Does insurance cover the COVID-19 antibody test?
    It is our understanding that insurance DOES cover the COVID-19 antibody test, but please call your insurance company for confirmation.
  7. If my insurance does not cover the test, how much will it cost?
    The cash pay price for the COVID-19 antibody test is $42.00. If insurance for whatever reason did not cover the test, you would be responsible for this amount.
  8. If my first result is negative and I am retested for COVID-19 will insurance cover the 2nd test?
    It is our understanding that insurance DOES cover follow-up, or repeat COVID-19 antibody tests, but please call your insurance company for confirmation.
  9. Who do I call if I have more questions about my test results?
    If your doctor ordered the test you would call your doctor’s office for all questions regarding COVID-19 antibody test results. If you ordered this test yourself and have additional questions you can call PathAdvantage, your testing laboratory at 214-219-5880.


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