About-PathAt PathAdvantage, we take pride in being specialized, focused and passionate about GYN pathology laboratory services. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the service that we provide our physicians. A high quality practice, providing unique gynecologic pathology services to the DFW medical community, our testing services includes an extensive menu of GYN and anal cytology, specialized GYN pathology services, and infectious agent molecular panels. As we offer such breadth in one trustworthy practice, you can consolidate all your laboratory needs with PathAdvantage.
Related to this current issue of Scope, PathAdvantage provides minimally invasive biopsy implements for both cervical and endocervical biopsy collection. We provide your practice with the Soft Biopsy and Soft ECC devices which are less invasive than conventional biopsy methods, resulting in more comfort for your patients while obtaining sufficient tissue, ensuring an accurate diagnosis.